Friday, 8 September 2017

The REAL Michael Munday

My personal Identity Documents were stolen several years ago which included my drivers license, and passport. The theft of my identity documents have been and continue to be investigated by the NSW Police Force.

I have never had an association with any companies by the name of Complete Baby or Level 4 Technology. 

In my entire life I have sold three items on the Gumtree classified website, and on each occasion the transaction was completed in person.

I have never been convicted of any crime in any court, although there have been instances where I have been forced to successfully defend myself in court, and in these instances was awarded costs.

In April of 2015 after the end of my marriage, I suffered from an emotional breakdown which included me commencing an ill conceived twitter campaign for my ex wife. It was a difficult period in my life and I deeply regret it. 

I ceased control of the above mentioned twitter account on the 15th of October 2015. After the account was taken over by an unknown individual. Subsequent posts from that account including talk of suicide where not made by me. These claims were investigated by Police and they confirm access to the account was from a third party. 

Several individuals on the Internet have taken it upon themselves to publish false and misleading information about me, or someone who is obviously posing as me, utilising the stolen identity documents now freely available online.

In 2007 I ran a Computer and Information Technology company called Yadnum Computers. Unfortunately due to issues with suppliers, and payment processing companies the company entered into voluntary administration. There were a handful of customers who were left out of pocket for pending orders. Police and ASIC investigated allegations of fraud and I provided all of the necessary paperwork that cleared me of any illegal activity. 

Despite the fact the company entered into voluntary administration I personally reimbursed many customers, although I was not legally required to. Those customers who choose to launch online campaigns and engage in slanderous accusations were omitted from the proceeds of these funds. 

I am an educated and upstanding individual. I hold several degrees, despite what others on the Internet will have you believe.

Several social media accounts and domain names have been setup using my name and details. Rest assured that I do not run any website or social media account other than this domain using the name Michael Munday, any such accounts that exist are fraudulent. 

I spend each and every day attempting to better the lives of others. I work with and donate to many charities. I live my life as best as I can and always put others before myself. I am not the monster which I have been made out to be by misguided individuals on the internet, and sadly by those who have read and believed these lies. 

The false and misleading representations that some on the Internet have chosen to pursue has had an extremely negative impact on both my professional and personal life. The actions that these individuals have engaged in is not only illegal but has cost me greatly, more than anyone will ever know or understand.

I intend to pursue to the fullest extent that the law allows, any individual who continues to slander my name, make false accusations, knowingly publishes material owned by me including identity documents, photographs and signatures. Anyone who has participated in these actions, consider this your final warning before legal and criminal action is commenced. I have indisputable evidence to backup all of my claims. 

When action is taken, all the relevant court documents including the personal details of the individuals involved will be published on this site as a matter of transparency, and so that the truth can be shown for all to see.

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